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What is "Single-8" ?

Fuji Photo Film released Single-8 system in April 1965.At the beginning of the new 8mm format plan, some firms intended to participate in the project, too.
However ,since Kodak announced a new 8mm format "Super-8" in 1964, no other film company has released a Single-8 format film.

On the other hand, CANON, ELMO, KONISHIROKU(KONICA), YASHICA and Fuji Photo Film released Single-8 format cameras. Fuji Photo Film was active in exporting its products: Single-8 camera, Single/Super-8 projector, and Single-8 film cartridge.

In principle I wrote these articles based on upon my recollection and impression. I have tried to be as accurate as I can, referencing the material from guidebooks and instruction manuals.
However, in endeavouring to cover as many single 8 cameras as possible,
several which I personally am not familiar with, I may have made some mistakes.
Please keep this in mind before basing any decision on these articles.

Fuji Photo Film stopped exporting Single-8 films via its world wide branches,however, some cine equipment shops around the world, deal in Single-8 cartridges.
Some labs around the world develop Fujichrome R25N and RT200N.

I would be glad that these pages help your movie-making.

Muddy Orihara

Thanks for:
Cooperation of original Japanese version writing
and Photo of some cameras...Agent Ono

Materials...Encyclopedia of 8mm Film
Supervision of translation...INTO 8MM FILMS

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